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Fun Fundraiser for Service Dogs of Virginia (SBVA)

Now through November 30th, Siriusly Canine is sponsoring a fundraiser benefitting Service Dogs of Virginia, based in Charlottesville.

Rivanna Ridge Soaps has made batches of wonderful hand-made soaps with your dogs in mind. These pure natural glycerine soaps contain no harmful or drying chemicals. Instead, they have ingredients like coconut, palm safflower oils, aloe vera gel, shea butter, olive oil, goats milk or honey. And to add to the fantastic fragrance and function of these wonder soaps, Thea Yancey of Rivanna Ridge adds 100% pure essential oils with therapeutic benefits.

Featured soaps for the Service Dogs of Virginia fundraiser are:

  • No Bites – olive oil, eucalyptus and cedarwood oil instead of chemicals to dissuade pests
  • Chill Out – crushed shea butter and pure lavendar to reduce anxiety, repelling insects and skin healing properties
  • On Task – aloe vera and pure peppermint essential oils to energize and improve focus
  • Be Gone – Grade A honey and pure cedarwood essential oils for skin irritations and allergic reactions

Soaps come in three shapes – round, rectangular bar and bone-shaped – and cost only $8.50 per bar.

Siriusly Canine is contributing 100% of sales to SDVA.

Please let me know when you'd like to come by and check out these wonderful soaps and benefit SDVA!