Thank you so much for a fun 6 weeks! I think Juneau and I established a really great foundation, and are looking forward to joining future classes.
— Victoria (Juneau's mom)
Everything you have taught us or gave us as a tip for raising a happy, healthy dog has been spot on!
You really are a gem and have a true love for all animals! We will see you again soon.
— Donna (Mia's mom)
You go out of your way to help - above and beyond. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you!
— Alexa (King Tut's mom)
Deborah is without a doubt the best trainer I’ve ever worked with... She is truly gifted in her ability to read her dogs and train their humans. Thank you so much.
— Karen (Jackson's mom)
We truthfully enjoyed your passion, patience and joy in helping all three of us.
Great start for our lives together.
— Billy and Meg (Kirby's parents)
We liked the positive reinforcement for moms and dads and the way youworked right alongside us and Maddox.
— Angela (Maddox's mom)