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While Siriusly Canine has grown into a multidisciplinary training studio, a love of guiding puppies into a happier and better-behaved life with their human families is where it all started.

Puppy manners and enrichment classes include introduction to core behaviors like: 

  • Automatic Sit when approaching people (without verbal cue)
  • Proper greetings
  • Sit with hand signal
  • Down with hand signal
  • Short Stay - Sit and Down
  • Come When Called
  • Leave It!
  • Drop It!
  • Loose-leash walking
  • And, when needed assistance with jumping, mouthing, etc.

The Enrichment part of the curriculum includes introduction to new textures, sounds and movement. Exposing your puppy to new things and allowing them to set their own pace helps to build confidence - resulting in a calmer dog. Exploration/socialization equipment includes an Avidog Adventure box for younger puppies, a ball and bottle pool, spatial ladder walk, tunnel, tippy board among others. In multi-pup classes, there is also the opportunity for your dog to meet other puppies of similar size, age and developmental level.