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Siriusly Canine offers prep classes based on Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc (ATD) protocol. Classes hone your dog's skills, as well as handling skills for the owner/guardian. Unlike Canine Good Citizen that evaluates your dog's behavior, the therapy dog handling test and subsequent observed visits evaluate you and your dog's skills as a team.

Items including in therapy dog prep class include, but are not limited to:

  • Canine-human interaction
  • Physical handing of the dog and the dog's response
  • Control of dog on loose-leash
  • Dog's reaction to medical equipment. 

We also take field trips into the community, building confidence in different venues. A handlers-ONLY therapy visit is also offered, so you can experience what goes in actual therapy work.

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*Although therapy dogs wear a cape identifying them as such, therapy dogs are NOT service dogs.

A therapy dog team visits to provide social comfort and engagement for a wide variety of people. A service dog provides specific needs to one person and is not to be petted or socially engaged while working.

**Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc does NOT require you and your dog take any preparatory classes or training in order to take the therapy dog handling test.