Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Aleta Shelton, Competitive Obedience

Methodology - Do No Harm. I believe every exercise can be learned with positive reinforcement, patience and kindness. You may get results with negative reinforcement, but you hurt your relationship with your dog in the process. Is it worth it? I believe not.

Passions - I love to compete in dog obedience and dog sports, such as tracking. Out of the ring, I love strength and entrance training. I also love to draw and paint when I have the time to do it.

Favorite skill to teach - I love to teach detail oriented tasks, such as competitive obedience. I love to watch dogs learn a new task or exercise and love the moment when they "get it".

Biggest challenge - Teaching clients patience. Usually a dog does not do what we ask because they do not understand what we want. We give mixed signals, either verbally or physically or both. Our dog's response and ability to learn a task is only as good as our ability to communicate with them.